March 31, 2010

Get The Complete Guide To Making Money While You Sleep

Do YOU want to discover more potential ways to make money while you sleep than you ever dreamed possible?


Are you tired of spending too much money on "thin" internet marketing hype that promises bundles of cash but instead delivers a weedy "formula" that fails after three months - or worse, doesn't work at all?

"Alex Newman's Complete Guide
To Making Money While You Sleep."
money while you sleep


The Complete Guide To Making Money While You Sleep

Is a 340-page digitally down-loadable book which is a deep investigation into the entire subject of automated income; about who is doing it, the kind of techniques and strategies being used - and about the essential principles of asset management, entrepreneurship and profitability.
The book delves deeply into actual methods that people are using to make money while they sleep, and presents a full list of scenarios that are in use today. It is a serious study packed with research, information and knowledge.

There are a huge number of possibilities in this field and the book covers a very diverse range. You will find it exciting - it is a book about strategy, about "working for yourself" rather than working for someone else, about life paths - and it discusses whether there are realistic options to doing a job until you are 65

"Complete Guide" presents a brilliant array of possibilities. 
It not only covers many different methods that have been used to make money on auto-pilot - but also illuminates core principles and long term or even perennial strategies - which have been used by the wealthy for centuries if not millennia to make their assets "work for them" - and which will most likely still be useful in years to come. Much of the material in this book should serve you well for a long time to come - isn't that the kind of investment worth making?

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Making money while you sleep is real - for some - and there exists a genuine possibility that you might be able to leverage your skills, assets and abilities to set yourself free from having to do a stupid job, and from working your butt off to make someone else rich until you are old and tired. 

It Really Is Possible To Make Money While You Sleep
Right now, as you are reading this, there are a surprising number of people, from many different walks of life who are actually making good money while they sleep - completely legally. Many of these are individuals who supplement their incomes with a few extra dollars. Some are fully fledged businesses that leverage assets and automated processes to increase the value of their empires. And a few really are making millions from systems they have set up - while they go and do other things.
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 Here Is A List Of Some Of The Cool Stuff It Contains

334 pages - (over 118,000 words) - packed with incredibly useful information, tips and ideas. But there's no filler here: In fact - I had so much to share with you that it was a mission to keep the size of the book down to what was reasonable, rather than trying to pad it out!!  

A whole chapter devoted to the art of strategy - including a unique set of strategic elements employed by masters of effectiveness in many fields. (p.45-48)  

A 17-page section devoted to helping you spot and avoid false methods of making money while you sleep that often fail. (p.106-122) 

Tips on information privacy including how to avoid a common mistake exploited by information thieves who might use a surprising trick that can bypass even the strongest firewall software in the world! (p.42)

A full section exploring Pay-Per-Click advertising. (p.267-275) 

A 24-page chapter devoted to numerous methods of getting more web traffic. (p.252-276) 

Ideas designed to help you spot opportunities whose time has come, and to help you avoid those whose time has gone. (p.49-56)  

A special tip which might help you avoid setting up a business that enslaves you instead of setting you free. (p.160) Start Making Money Here

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